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Medium Key Locking Fire & Water Chest

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fire and water chest keep your valuables safe

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The Master Lock Medium Key Locking Fire & Water Chest is not your typical safe, this waterproof fire-resistant chest has a sleek new design with a flush mounted faceplate and new rugged look. The chest also features a carrying handle making it convenient to pick up and transport important documents and valuables. UL Classified for Fire Endurance (1/2-hour at 843°C), to ensure protection of documents, records and valuables in the event of a fire. UL Classified Explosion Hazard Test: Subjected to a flash fire in a 1093°C furnace for 20 minutes, the unit will not explode or rupture. ETL Verified for 1/2-hour fire protection of digital media up to 843°C in the event of a fire. ETL Verified for water submersion to protect valuable items and documents from flood damage.

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